Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Aparently the revolution was televised...

So its good old TV, not social media and other exciting digital mediums, that have brought the election campaign to life and allowed the Lib Dems to engage swathes of younger voters.

Who'd have thought it after all the predictions of a digital election on par with Obama's US triumph.

Indeed these predictions have seemed far off the mark for a while now. As both Labour and the Tories bumbled around, stealing ideas from the Obama campaign and trying to fit them into their strategies, neither have done anything to change the game. The best work has come from outside the parties themselves, notably which has rapidly risen to become the most visited UK politics site on the web. Labour did well to react and acknowledge this success with their own crowd sourcing competition but they still seem behind the curve and lacking in foresight.

The Tories? Well they paniced in the face of diving poll results by seemingly abandoning their digital aspirations and throwing all their weight behind M&C Saatchi's loud and confrontational poster campaign - old skool style.

More to come on this as it unfolds.

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